Pilot Path

Pilot Training Reimagined

Invest in your career today with our unique, simplified and cost efficient approach to modular flight training.

Pilot Path

Pilot Training Reimagined

Invest in your career today with our unique, simplified and cost efficient approach to modular flight training.

Pilot Path

Pilot Training Reimagined

Invest in your career today with our unique, simplified and cost efficient approach to modular flight training.

A Modular Approach to Pilot Flight Training.

At Pilot Path, we have brought together industry leading pilot training schools and academies across Europe and the USA to deliver unique and cost efficient modular pilot training courses for future pilots. If you are new or have some flying experience and now want to train for an airline career, this is the path for you.

We have revolutionized the flight training industry and since our inception in 2020 we have promised to open the doors of aviation to individuals from all walks of life. From those whose dream has always been to become a pilot, to people wishing for a career change or to those that just want to try something new on a part time basis, the flexible nature of the modular route allows you to 'earn as you learn' and can be completed more easily alongside existing work family or other commitments.

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Modular Pilot Training

Modular flight training allows you to gain your commercial pilot wings gradually, at a pace that suits you. Pilot Path are partnered with industry leading top flight training schools in Europe, the UK and the United States. Our modular pricing structure is simple and transparent, making budgeting for commercial pilot training easier. Once you’ve completed each stage of the modular flight training course, you’ll be fully qualified and ready to apply for your first airline pilot role. Our partner flight training options give you the opportunity to train in a single fully coordinated program or progress at your own pace under our module by module approach.


Our team along with our partner schools will take you from PPL to airline ready. Pilot Path will guide you along your journey, securing your place in each pilot training centre and offer unwavering support throughout. We have a young, vibrant and dynamic team, complimented perfectly by our experienced commercial pilot mentors, flight training co-ordinators and of course our renowned partner pilot training schools.


We recognise that for newcomers, flight training can be a complex and difficult venture to understand. Our role within your pilot training is to coordinate every aspect of your journey, breaking down barriers, removing isolation, explaining the process and helping your past the bumps often associated with modular flight training. Through dynamic partnerships in locations that work for you, our partner flight schools will deliver world class training at each stage of your pilot licence coupling nicely with our new guided approach to your investment in your flying career.

Cost Efficient

Even though our revolutionary approach helps to save on pilot training costs when compared to integrated training, we recognise that flight training is still an expensive venture. That’s why we are the UK and Ireland’s only option for student pilot loans and lending. We offer financing for pilot training to Irish and UK residents on all of our modular pilot training packages in Europe or the USA through our official partners Humm finance. If that’s not enough, we even offer pilot students personalised payment plans with low deposits and staggered repayments for pilot student loan repayments spread out throughout the duration of each stage of your training.


We are committed to accepting student pilots both young and old, with or without experience and regardless of occupation, nationality or educational standards. To date, we have students training to be pilots on a part time basis with us from over 15 different countries, and who continue to work in diverse industries such as mechanics, engineering, IT development, electronics, security, retail and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

At Pilot Path, the student is at the heart of everything we do. It is important to us that you have the knowledge and understanding of the road ahead before beginning your flight training journey.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

Before you become a pilot, you should ensure that you have done your homework! Yes, it's a fantastic career however it is a huge commitment but the rewards for this commitment are very admirable. We suggest taking part in an intro flight or meeting with us at one of our locations or even via zoom to discuss your first step.

You need to be at least 16 to begin stage 1 of our managed modular approach – the private pilots licence. But there's no upper age limit to train with us as long as you can hold an unrestricted IAA Class 1 Medical.

We offer a range of plans, it is best to arrange a call with one of our advisors who can tell you about our monthly payment plans and take you through the detail of our Humm finance partner -  We offer the most flexible payment plans in Europe for flight training.

This is the beauty of modular training, the time you complete it in is completely at your discretion. Our 'earn as you learn' stage by stage approach is perfect for part time students with current work and family commitments. 


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I always knew I wanted to become a pilot but never knew where to start. The guys at Pilot Path have shown me a route from start to finish and since joining last year I now have my PPL and am working towards a commercial licence.

Gary Mahony
Private Pilot

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