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APS – MCC Package with Simtech Aviation


The APS-MCC is your final steps before completing your commercial training. This course will cover items such as CRM, Airline Operations, Aircraft Technical Type SOP’s & Profiles, UPRT, General Handling, Complex Systems & FMS. This will be performed on an MPS 737-800 which is certified to level FTD-1.

Airline Flight Academy, an Airline approved training partner, are delighted to announce they are the latest ATO approved to deliver Airline Mentored APS MCC Course. All Mentored Cadets are not only trained using industry leading Airline SOP’s from Day 1 of their course but also receive world class training and continual mentorship. This provides all graduates with a distinct advantage at the final Airline assessment. The training is performed on Boeing 737 MAX Flight Simulator.


Simtech Aviation offers an industry recognised APS/MCC course, which is designed according to aircraft manufacturers SOPs and industry guidelines. Simtech does not build its course around one particular airline, but provide the skills and training to provide trainee pilots with the very best in MCC training and providing options and choice when entering the job market.

The combined APS/MCC course is conducted using an iPad/tablet while taught by Simtechs highly experienced, EASA approved instructors.
All the instructors at Simtech Aviation are vastly experienced Airline and Corporate Jet Pilots on many different aircraft types. Their experience is used to demonstrate particular scenarios and add relevance to the concepts covered in the manual.
You will be encouraged to participate in discussions as much as possible and to share your experiences with the class.

Simtech Training
APS – MCC Package with Simtech Aviation


Simtech Aviation is an award-winning aviation training facility based near Dublin International Airport, Ireland.

As an ATO, Simtech Aviation works closely with over fifteen different airlines, across three aircraft types – Boeing, Airbus and ATR. As a training provider for future commercial pilots, Simtech Aviation is an industry recognised European leader in the EASA required APS/MCC course. They also conduct type-rating courses in addition to offering ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ training on their simulator fleet.

With 20 years’ experience, Simtech Aviation has achieved its success and global reputation based on the quality of their instructors, state-of-the-art simulators and highly specialised and experienced engineering team.