Ireland Get Started

Introduction to flight package


  • 60 minute instructed flight training

  • Pre and post-flight briefing

  • Follow up including individualised training and payment plans from our commercial pilot mentor

  • Pilot's Logbook

  • Presentation with our flight training coordinator

  • Package Options brief with Pilot Path


Making the decision to begin your flight training journey, while an exciting one, is also a big step and we want to make sure our future students are not only comfortable in a training aircraft but also that they have the knowledge to make an informed decision before enrolling. That’s why our introduction to flight package has proven to be the very best way to make that decision.


Our introduction to flight package which includes a check flight assessment is absolutely perfect for individuals that are totally new to aviation and was developed in place of classroom-based aptitude tests generally seen as the normal way of accessing your abilities in other flight training schools. This assessment is carried out by one of our flight training school partners on behalf of Pilot Path. At Pilot Path, we want you to have first-hand experience defying gravity before deciding if a career in the skies is for you. Fly with one of our mentor pilots and experience the thrill of flight first-hand. You will complete a flight brief and debrief with our instructors encompassing all safety and operational procedures information before and after your flight. This package will help you find out the ins and outs of how the aircraft works and is maintained while fully contributing to your decision on weather to take the next step in your flying career.


As part of your intro package, our team will give a full one to one presentation on all aspects of modular commercial flight training, details on our partner locations, pricing options and how we can guide you along the way. We will also take you on a tour of the facilities showing where maintenance work is carried out, aircraft storage facilities and introduce you to the friendly staff at the aerodrome. The whole experience lasts between 90-120 minutes and you will leave feeling fully confident of the road ahead.

A happy young female trainee pilot inside the cockpit of a plane


Located in Co. Wicklow, a short distance from Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, potential students will complete their intro flights in Newcastle Aerodrome. The aerodrome boasts a 690M grass runway that is usable all year round and with ample car parking, great food, friendly staff and a family friendly atmosphere you’ll soon realise why Newcastle Aerodrome is one of the most unique places to learn to fly in Ireland! With dedicated instructors and staff, the team at Newcastle will help you achieve your ambition of becoming a pilot by providing you with the highest quality training and support as you embark on your flight training journey. Wicklow Wings, located on the grounds of Newcastle Aerodrome is where students will complete their 1 to 1 learning with your instructor and remote learning. With the latest technology in use for your ground school experience, the team at Wicklow Wings will ensure the experience an enjoyable one that you won’t forget. We specialise in introducing those with some or no flight experience to the world of aviation and a coordinated route to your new career path! 

How can I book my introduction to flight?

You can book many different ways. You can book online through our booking system above, or simply get in touch via phone, email or what’s app.

How long will the experience last?

The whole experience will last between 90-120 minutes.

What aircraft will I fly?

You will fly in a Cessna 152 aircraft.

Can I bring a friend or family member with me?

Yes of course. Newcastle Aerodrome have a canteen and waiting area as part of their facilities.

Will I get more information on the day about flight training?

Yes! As part of your introduction to flight, the Pilot Path team will give a full presentation walking you through all steps of modular flight training. We’ll also be happy to answer as many burning questions that you have lined up!

Do I have to decide on the day if I want to start training?

Some students are more than happy to decide there and then on the day but we put no pressure on students to make a decision. Instead, we’ll email everything directly to you for review and you can decide in your own time whether to press ahead with training or not.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day?

If the weather is bad on your chosen flight day, we will do our utmost best to make sure we let you know about a rescheduled flight before you even set off to travel to the Aerodrome.