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Introduction to flight – Wolverhampton


  • 60 minute instructed flight training

  • Pre and post-flight briefing

  • Follow up including individualised training and payment plans from our commercial pilot mentor

  • Pilot's Logbook

  • Presentation with our flight training coordinator

  • Package Options brief with Pilot Path


Making the decision to begin your flight training journey, while an exciting one, is also a big step and we want to make sure our future students are not only comfortable in a training aircraft but also that they have the knowledge to make an informed decision before enrolling. That’s why our introduction to flight package has proven to be the very best way to make that decision.


Our introduction to flight package which includes a check flight assessment is absolutely perfect for individuals that are totally new to aviation and was developed in place of classroom-based aptitude tests generally seen as the normal way of accessing your abilities in other flight training schools. This assessment is carried out by one of our flight training school partners on behalf of Pilot Path. At Pilot Path, we want you to have first-hand experience defying gravity before deciding if a career in the skies is for you. Fly with one of our mentor pilots and experience the thrill of flight first-hand. You will complete a flight brief and debrief with our instructors encompassing all safety and operational procedures information before and after your flight. This package will help you find out the ins and outs of how the aircraft works and is maintained while fully contributing to your decision on weather to take the next step in your flying career.


As part of your intro package, our team will give a full one to one presentation on all aspects of modular commercial flight training, details on our partner locations, pricing options and how we can guide you along the way. We will also take you on a tour of the facilities showing where maintenance work is carried out, aircraft storage facilities and introduce you to the friendly staff at the aerodrome. The whole experience lasts between 90-120 minutes and you will leave feeling fully confident of the road ahead.

A happy young female trainee pilot inside the cockpit of a plane
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Aviator Aero Academy is located less than 20 miles west of Birmingham City. With a team of friendly and hugely experienced aviation experts on hand, you’ll soon find that this is the perfect location to begin your modular journey to a commercial pilot licence or your dream hobby!

Three tarmac runways and a grass strip means that the wind and rain seldom disrupt flying. A friendly AFIS Service is just enough to handle busy periods without you being stuck endlessly at the hold for commercial traffic. You will train in the classic Piper PA-28’s or a Cessna 172.

With a warm, friendly environment and instructors of the highest standard, Aviator Aero Academy will no doubt be the school to get you started on the path to your career in the skies