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Modular Training – The Pilot Path route

• Cost efficient – Save money vs the traditional integrated methods

• Flexible structure – Train around your personal commitments

• More confidence – More hours as Pilot in Command (PIC)

• Co-ordination – Pilot Path structures your training removing the isolated feeling

• Linear structure – Achieve real milestones through obtaining your PPL early in your journey

Integrated Training – The traditional route

•  Expensive – Upfront large payments over a short period of time

•  Inflexible – Cannot work around you, necessary to commit full time and pay upfront

•  Minimal flying hours – Less hours as Pilot in Command (PIC)

•  Impersonal – Schools operate under a conveyer style method to train student pilots


Co-ordinated Modular Training

Pilot Path offers the alternative to the integrated training option completed in larger schools. Using regional training schools which have been co-ordinated through Pilot Path, you will be completing the different elements of training in linear succession. The modular training programs offered by Pilot Path are in both accelerated modular and managed modular meaning you can achieve your goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot in as little as 18 months or train over a timescale that suits you!


Integrated Training

Larger schools will complete your training in an “Integrated” way from zero experience to commercial pilots’ licence in one location. This training is generally completed over 18 months, however at a high cost to the student which excludes many perspective pilots from the start.


Flexible Payment Options

With staggered payments, finance option support and pay by module options available – Pilot Path will significantly reduce the amount you will pay to become a commercial airline pilot! Pilot Path coordinated flight training programmes give you the ability to continue working and meeting existing personal and professional commitments. Our flight training coordination service takes the isolation and inflexibilities away from your pilot training with our partner flight schools.


An Expensive Approach

This form of training also generally leaves each student with considerable debt following their training experience. Inflexibility is generally associated with integrated schools meaning payment is expected within the initial months of beginning your program and no payment plan is offered for the duration of your training.


Obstacles Removed

Pilot Path removes the difficulties of identifying the right regional training schools and co-ordinates all training under one roof. The Pilot Path team offers guidance through our career specialist to ensure you are ready to apply for your new job with prospective airlines.


Less confidence

Larger schools generally do not allow the hours the modular route affords as Pilot In Command. While your training is streamlined in one location, this will mean that you will limited experience flying in just a few locations.