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Hour Building Wolverhampton

Invest in your career with our simplified cost-efficient approach to modular flight training.

Wolverhampton Hour Building Package

  • 100 hours solo flight

  • Structured Hour Building Training Plan

  • Commercial Mentored • support throughout

  • Unrestricted Runway and ample aircraft availability

  • Essential Books and Materials

Add Ons:

  • ASG ground school package

Hours building ensures that as a pilot wanting to fly commercially, you have the knowledge, skills and experience to be able to achieve the level required to pass the CPL and IR skills tests.

At Pilot Path, we coordinate closely with our partner flight schools to deliver structured hour building guides and retrospective mentor support helping you get the most out of this leg of your flight training journey. Hour building is the time spent becoming a more rounded pilot, practising all of the things you are taught during your Private Pilot’s Licence and to learn to fly within the much tighter tolerances found in the CPL & IR skills tests.

ATPL (Air Transport Pilot Licence) training takes place in the form of 13 examinations split over various subjects. This is a mandatory requirement when completing your commercial pilot training and will heavily compliment the ground-based training you have already completed. Your ATPL theory course can be complete in either Hybrid distance and class learning or fully remote depending on the partner school you choose to attend.

ATPL exams are created to check you have the correct level of theoretical knowledge that you’ll need to become a pilot and handle any situation that may occur whilst flying. While some of our students may find the prospect of studying for their ATPL daunting, with the right study materials and support, many of our students pass their exams first time.

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  • 100 Hours as Pilot In Command

  • 14 Further ATPL Examinations

  • VFR - Night Rating


Your structured hour building program is designed to help you practice your skills and round your experience so you don’t just achieve “fuel burn” but rather get real life experience of airline rosters, check in/outs, flight planning and de-briefs. Your Commercial Pilot Mentor will meet you at 25 hour intervals to discuss your progress through this program and aid you in any areas you feel need work before progressing to your commercial licence and ratings.

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Aviator Aero Academy is located less than 20 miles west of Birmingham City. With a team of friendly and hugely experienced aviation experts on hand, you’ll soon find that this is the perfect location to begin your modular journey to a commercial pilot licence or your dream hobby!

Three tarmac runways and a grass strip means that the wind and rain seldom disrupt flying. A friendly AFIS Service is just enough to handle busy periods without you being stuck endlessly at the hold for commercial traffic. You will train in the classic Piper PA-28’s or a Cessna 172.

With a warm, friendly environment and instructors of the highest standard, Aviator Aero Academy will no doubt be the school to get you started on the path to your career in the skies