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GFTS Hour Building

Invest in your career with our simplified cost-efficient approach to modular flight training.

100 Hours Building Package in GFTS Florida, USA

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Hours building ensures that as a pilot wanting to fly commercially, you have the knowledge, skills and experience to be able to achieve the level required to pass the CPL and IR skills tests.

At Pilot Path, we work with our partner flight schools to deliver structured hour building programs to help you on this leg of your flight training journey. Hour building is the time spent becoming a more rounded pilot, practising all of the things you are taught during your Private Pilot’s Licence and to learn to fly within the much tighter tolerances found in the CPL & IR skills tests.

ATPL (Air Transport Pilot Licence) training takes place in the form of 13 examinations split over various subjects. This is a mandatory requirement when completing your commercial pilot training and will heavily compliment the ground-based training you have already completed. Your ATPL theory course can be complete in either Hybrid distance and class learning or fully remote depending on the partner school you choose to attend.

ATPL exams are created to check you have the correct level of theoretical knowledge that you’ll need to become a pilot and handle any situation that may occur whilst flying. While some of our students may find the prospect of studying for their ATPL daunting, with the right study materials and support, many of our students pass their exams first time.



Our partners in GFTS have worked extensively with our team to create the “Airline Compatible Roster” programme designed to help you in adapting and understanding your future career in aviation and the expectations of a commercial airline pilot. Coupled with this, the Pilot Path team will support you every step of the way in your journey to hour building and ATPL theory examinations allowing you to focus on your studies and flight training. Everything from sourcing accommodation, transfers to and from the airport (daily), FAA mandatory paperwork and checks all the way to continuous monitoring from our commercial pilot mentors will shape your experience to be one with all the isolation removed.


Global Flight Training Solutions are based at Immokalee regional airport in Southwest Florida, USA. With a fleet of Cessna 172S aircraft, the team at GFTS provides a personalized, intensive 4-6-week hour building program with instructors committed to a caring, supportive learning environment. GFTS use a roster based aircraft system to ensure you get the hours you have paid and booked for taking the stress and uncertainty out of traveling to hour build.

They are dedicated to helping you achieve your flight deck career goals. From personal attention to customized programs, it will be easy to immerse yourself in their flying-centred learning experience in beautiful, sunny Southwest Florida.

With flights, transfers and accommodation all available to add onto your package, let us remove all the stress in planning your training so you can be fully committed to your flying whilst in the US.


Hours building ensures that as a pilot wanting to fly commercially, you have the knowledge, skills and experience to be able to achieve the level required to pass the CPL and IR skills tests.

Simply put, THE WEATHER! Florida sees over 300 days of sunshine every year so that means you can complete all 100 hours in as little as 4 weeks!

You will need to hold a valid PPL before starting your solo hour building.

ATPL exams consist of a further 14 theory examinations after your PPL. These topics you will have studied at a PPL level however these set will be in much more detail where you will get into the nitty gritty elements of the aircraft and flying in general 

GFTS specialise in intense hour building programmes helping students through their hour building in as little as 4 weeks!

Unfortunately commercial training requires that students hold a valid PPL and have completed all 100 hours & 14 ATPL examinations.

You have 2 options at this stage. Pilot Path are partnered with ASG & Bristol Groundschool. Both excellent institutions in their own right.

Without a doubt! Just get in touch and we’ll happily arrange this for you.

Yes! Pilot Path are Irelands only option for student pilot lending through our official partners – Humm Ireland.

Yes! We have some excellent accommodation options at affordable rates in Naples, Florida.

You will need an ESTA Visa and a negative PCR test before travelling. We’ll look after everything else.